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Employee Benefits and Charitable Contributions

We're proud of the fact that we offer great pay and bonuses for our employees as well as a health care plan that includes vision and dental care. We also offer disability, sick days, 401K plan, and profit sharing programs. We believe in training and in-house promotions and provide money for relevant school classes and seminars related to advancement.

Brendan is a generous contributor to many Sonoma and Napa county charities, conservation projects, schools, and music programs. He also regularly responds to disaster relief funds and makes annual contributions to international and national political, environmental and human rights organizations. These include "Doctors Without Borders", prison writing projects, and the Lambi Fund in Haiti (providing financial resources to reforesting programs).

We contribute to the Toolbox Project, a social and emotional learning (SEL) 6th grade curriculum that enhances a child’s ability to learn. The curriculum teaches social interaction skills and concepts such as compassion, resilience, courage, tolerance, patience, generosity and empathy. We also support the children’s choir, VOENA. VOENA is a professional program (unique because of its no-audition policy) teaching children, ages 5-18, ethnically diverse music, instilling in them an appreciation and enthusiasm for different languages and cultures. VOENA participants perform musical scores in native languages from around the world, promoting peace through the exchange of culture.