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"a good, old fashioned, hands on, hard working American company..."

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Beginning in the 1990’s Oberon Design became a vital and well recognized part of the handmade, craft revival in the United States, participating in elite juried venues such as American Craft Council or ACC shows and Buyers Market of American Craft, joining the ranks of the most highly recognized craftsmen and women in the U.S. In 1999, Oberon Design further expanded to include a pewter casting shop that produces the hand cast buttons seen on most Oberon leather covers. As well as being the lead leather designer, Brendan also works in 3-D rendering programs to create the Oberon Design line of gorgeous pewter jewelry, hair accessories and gift items.

At Oberon we’re proud of the fact that the design and casting of our pewter line and all our leather work is done "in house." This combined with our source for domestically tanned leather, use of local and domestic businesses for resources such as non-toxic glues and dyes, thread, zippers, and other items used in our leather and pewter processes, in house production of catalogs and websites, make Oberon Design what it is today, a good old fashioned, hands on, hard working American company.