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Marcel has decided to retire! Stayed tuned for something new in the new year!



Thanks for playing! ! Marcel has decided to retire! Strayed tuned for something new in the new year!


Becca’s dogs Marcel the Schipperke and Bert the Curly Coated Retriever in the Sierras


All About Marcel:

The Schipperke originated in the Flemish provinces of Belgium. It's origins are controversial and include several theories: Belgian Sheep Dog, Spitz and Pomeranian.


Schipperke's were known as working dogs in Europe. They are excellent watch dogs and were used to guard canal boats in France and Belgium. In 1885 Queen Marie Henriette of Belgium aquired a Schipperke and sparked international interest in the breed.


The Schipperke is known for his excellent watchdog abilities and beloved by boaters and sailors for their lack of seasickness and low center of gravity. Schipperke is Flemish for "little captain" or "little boatman" and is actually pronounced "sheep-er-ker."