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Parts & Repairs


Leather Covers:
For eReader bungees click here!
Buy Bick 4 Leather Lotion/Conditioner here!

Britannia Metal  Jewelry:
For replacement necklace slider bead thongs click here!
For scent amulet refill pads click here!

Journal Fillers & Pads:
For sketchbook book inserts click here!
For large journal cover (6x9 inches) book inserts click here!
For small journal cover (5 x 7 inches) book inserts click here!
For Icon journal cover (6x9 inches) book inserts click here!
For Moleskine Notebook cover inserts click here!


Reconditioning $30: (includes the cost of return shipping) If you are interested in having us recondition your leather cover or accessory, please contact us toll free to make arrangements. We can’t promise any miracles but we’re happy to clean and condition your cover and renew bungees and thong closure straps or replace damaged buttons.  

Repairs: We can often fix covers that have ended up as highway roadkill or those with puppy chewed straps if the damage isn’t severe. However, repairs require a case by case study with varying complexity. Please call us toll free or better yet send us an email with photo’s enclosed and we’ll let you know what can be done and at what cost. Of course, if we determine that the problem originated at Oberon we will fix your cover at no charge!

Need a replacement barrette clip or single earring? Call us toll free to arrange a repair or replacement. If we are still actively casting your missing earring style we’re happy to sell a single replacement.


Toll Free Phone: 866-462-3766