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Moleskine Cover Details



Moleskine Detail Page - Cover Only
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Moleskine notebook users are passionate about the creative formats they utilize.

Those that seek to protect their treasured booklet or lend its exterior individuality will recognize a illustrious union of artistry and creative intention in the Oberon / Moleskine combination.

Our cover works for the black or red hardcover side opening notebooks in the 5" x 8.25 inch format only, available in ruled, plain & graph squared formats, sketch book, Japanese album, storyboard memo, address and music notebooks. Our cover will also work for Moleskine formats: Passions, Cahier and Diary/Planner in the 5 x 8.25" format.

Covers for the Moleskine are offered in over 30 of our most popular designs, each in a choice of three colors.

Moleskine Cover



Moleskine Interior
Moleskine Interior