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Set up a defult email  application so that when you click on the picture of Marcel, you automatically get a blank email.

On the Mac:
From the Mac Mail menu bar click Mail / Preferences the select the General tab.
 Click the pop up menu next to:  Default email reader.
 Select your email application.

For Outlook:
The following steps will set Outlook as your default mail program.

1. On the Tools menu in Office Outlook, click Options, and then click the Other tab.
2. Under General, select the Make Outlook the default program for E-mail, Contacts, and Calendar check box.

For Windows:

Though Windows Mail is used as the default e‑mail program by web browsers and other programs that support sending e‑mail,
you can choose a different e‑mail program as the default. If you decide you want to change the default e‑mail program back to Windows Mail,
you can do so at any time.
    1.    Open Default Programs by clicking the Start button  and then clicking Default Programs.
    2.    Click Set your default programs.
    3.    Under Programs, click the e‑mail program you'd like to use, and then click Set this program as default.
    4.    Click OK.
 There is lots of information on Google. Just Google "default email client"