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Questions About Your Order Process




How long does it take my order to ship?

We make your leather items when you place your order. This takes 3-5 weekdays (we don't work on weekends). The first day it leaves our shop doesn't count when calculating delivery date.

All the gritty details below!

To make and prepare to ship a leather product from Oberon generally takes 3 - 5 weekdays depending on the time of day we receive your order and the day of the week or busy season. The number of days may go to 5 - 7 days during the peak season, from November to January, or during new product releases. If you place your order on a Friday afternoon, weekend, or a holiday, add extra days accordingly, plus add shipping time.

 The day an order leaves our shop doesn't count either, as packages are picked up at our location and simply moved to a UPS or USPS depot the first day. For instance an order for a journal placed on a Monday will be made and shipped out on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on the time of day you placed the order on Monday.

Expedited Shipping:

Remember, if you pay for expedited shipping such as UPS Overnight, UPS 2-day, UPS 3-day or Express Mail, this doesn't mean your order will ship out that day. We still have to make your item! The first ship day doesn't count so UPS Overnight or Express Mail shipping means it's picked up but doesn't start to move until Wednesday or Thursday for delivery Thursday or Friday.

Ordering Email Alerts

When you place your online order with Oberon you’ll receive an email confirmation saying your order has been ‘approved’. This means we’ve got your order. Once we’ve entered your order into our system and begin working on it, your order will be referred to as ‘pending’ or ‘being made’. When your order has shipped the status will change to "Shipped Complete". When we’re very busy in the shop there may be a slight lag time for us to change to the "Shipped" status. Your UPS or USPS email shipping notification is the most accurate and current information.

All of this information is affected by our busy holiday season. During the height of pre-holiday sales in November and December or during new product releases, it may take 5 -7 days to make and ship your order. If you have a special event you are ordering for, please call or email us so that we can be alerted to your needs and help you make appropriate shipping decisions.


Shipping Email Alerts
When the drivers for USPS and UPS drop their cargo at their respective depots, your package will be scanned and you'll receive an email confirmation from them with a tracking number. PLEASE BE AWARE that if you employ strict to stringent security with personal email this alert will likely end up in your junk or spam box so please look there before calling.

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