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Questions About Payments




Forms of Payment
We accept the following forms of credit payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal


Credit card declined during checkout?

If knowing you have sufficient funds you receive an error message saying your credit card is declined, in all likelihood you’ve entered your billing address incorrectly, or the billing address you’ve submitted is different than it appears on your credit card statement. The process of checking your credit card for sufficient funds is done automatically and instantaneously by a credit card processing center whose security level settings are high.

Billing addresses, zip codes and names must exactly match what your credit card company has on file or your order won’t be approved by the processing center.

Very Important: If you attempt to enter an incorrect address more than a few times on our site, pressing the final submit buttons, charges to your card will be flagged by your credit card company or bank. Though these charges have been declined (we have not received any money) depending on your bank’s procedures, it may take several days to a week for the charges to drop from your banks records. Security minded credit card companies may also alert you to possible fraudulent activity of multiple charges in the same amount on your card.

We have no control over these activities. If you are unsure of your address, or have this kind of trouble with our shopping cart, please refer to the way your address and name appear on your credit card statement before you press the final submit key, or contact us on our toll free number to place your order.

Toll Free: 866-462-3766 Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:30pm (Pacific Time).