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Questions About Oberon Products




Need extra book inserts for our Original Journals? Click Here to Buy Book Inserts. 


Need a lined insert for a Moleskine Notebook cover? Click here to purchase ruled Molskine Notebooks in the Journal Covers menu. (Remember, these are sold without an insert).


Do you sell a lined journal insert?

All of our journals come supplied with a hardbound blank, unlined book insert. However, they contain a removable sheet of paper with bold lines to aide with straight line writing. Simply put the template sheet behind the page you are writing on and the lines show through. Our purpose in offering an unlined insert is that it facilitates a multi use aspect to our book filler that would be inhibited by lines, i.e. sketching and drawing, diagrams, and scrapbooking.

Where can I buy a lined insert or alternative book filler that fits your journals?

We suggest you buy one of our Moleskine Notebook covers and either purchase a lined Moleskine notebook from us to fill it from our "Parts & Fillers"  page ( under the Journals menu ) or purchase your favorite Moleskine Notebook  format from a Moleskine distributor.
For those looking for paper more suited to fountain or calligraphy pen use try Pro Art Sketchbooks. These are unlined and can be found on the internet.

When shopping for alternate covers it’s very important to note the correct dimensions for our covers - the most important dimension being the depth or width of the spine. If the book insert is too deep (too many pages) our cover won’t fit around it and will crack the spine of the oversize book you try to jam in!!

Our journals require inserts no larger than:

  • 6 x 9 Large Journal: insert size 5.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall and 7/8 inch deep with  208 pages
  • 5 x 7 inch Small Journal: insert size 4.5 inches wide by 6.25 inches tall and 3/4 inch deep with 220 pages
  • 9 x 12 inch Extra Large Sketchbook: insert size 8.25 inches by 11 inches tall and 7/8 inch deep with 220 pages
  • 6 x 9 inch Icon journal: insert size 5.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall and 7/8 inch deep with 208 pages

An insert smaller than these dimensions will work, it’s up to you how much the insert can ‘swim’ inside the cover!


Moleskine Notebooks and Journal Cover Inserts are not Interchangable!  


Though both large moleskine notebook and large journal covers have exterior measurements of 6 x 9 inches, the 
Moleskine cover is slimmer in depth to accommodate the thinner format, fewer pages, of the line Moleskine notebook.
The Oberon journal hardbound book insert is nearly double the thickness and is not compatible with a Moleskine cover.
Our Large Moleskine Notebook cover is 7/8" thick and our Large Journal Coves measures 1.25" thick. 


Portfolio Inserts


Our large and small Portfolios with notepad require a top folding pad measuring 8.5 inches wide by 11.75 inches tall for the large. This is a standard size ( non-legal). The small Portfolio requires a top folding pad measuring 5" x 8" inches.  To buy our pads Click Here for Parts & Fillers or go to the nav bar to find Parts & Fillers under the Journal Covers menu.


Caring for Oberon leather products

We use a specific product in our shop to condition and ‘feed’ our leather covers. Look for Bick Leather Lotion under Parts & Fillers in the Journal Covers menu. 
Click Here for the Product Care Pages in the Contact Menu of our site to learn more.

Finding Oberon products in stores

Please Note: Items that can be found in stores are: Journals, Checkbooks, Cardholders, Portfolios and Pewter goods. We do not wholesale our ‘tech’ covers or handbags, wallets, or coasters. They can only be purchased on our site.
We sell to many great stores across the country. However, because our line encompasses so many image and color variables, requests for us to locate a specific product in a store in your area is almost impossible. That being said, we’d be happy to try to find stores in or around your location selling the Oberon product line. Email us at with surrounding zip codes near your town or city and we’ll try to find a store that sells our products.  

Where are your products made?

Aside from inserts that fill our products we make everything we sell at Oberon Design in Santa Rosa, CA. All of our leather products are made for you when you place your order. We do not hold an inventory of pre-made leather products. Pewter products are made in small batches and often ship the next day.

Inter-changeability of Product Images, Colors & Buttons

Buttons: Journal buttons are not interchangeable with the buttons on the E Reader covers we make. These buttons are entirely different in design construction so journal buttons won’t work on Kindle or Nook covers. We do not offer personal choice of buttons on any cover. With careful thought to design, we have selected the button that truly enhances the image on your cover.

Images: Over many years we’ve created a graphic library of images that we utilize throughout our product line. Of our leather product lines our refillable leather journals have the widest image and color selection as this is the product we’ve been making the longest. If you don’t see an image in your product category that means, in all probability, we don’t offer it. 

Colors: In many years of selling our products in both retail and wholesale venues, we’ve learned that most images are very popular in one or two colors, maximum. We track this information and sell the images in those colors only. This helps our customers avoid color choices that are inappropriate or in the case of dark colors, render the image difficult to see, etc. We may also limit the color choice because we find that the image is impossible to successfully produce in a challenging color.
Custom Color & Button Combinations: As of June, 2013 we have introduced a pilot program that allows customers to order a custom color and/or button combination for a $30 fee on Original Journals, Icon Journals, Moleskine notebooks and Portfolios. For more information Click Here for the Custom Combination Page or to to Contact on our home page and click Custom Combinations in the drop down. 

Do you do custom work?

We’re sorry but we never do custom work involving one product piece or image, the set up process for a single item is too expensive! If you’d like to purchase our goods in large quantities for a special project or event, please contact us with your information at and we’d be happy to discuss it with you.

Do you still make…? (If it’s not on our site…we don’t)

If you don’t see a product on our site (organizers, address books, photo albums, etc) it means that we no longer have the means to make it for you.
The same goes for older images and colors. Our shop is small and we don’t have enough room for deep storage of old dies and tools.
Looking for a product or an image you saw at a Renaissance Fair or other event and cant’ find it on our site? These items, archive images or specialty period costume products are only offered at fairs. Please see our events calendar for locations and dates of the fairs and festivals that Oberon Fair vendors participate in.

I see products on other websites but not yours. Why…?

We have wholesale accounts that buy journals, leather accessories and pewter from us. Some of these websites are severely outdated or may still have stock several years old they haven’t sold. Unless they actually have stock, they will be unable to order them from us because they are no longer offered by Oberon Design.

Old indexed web pages:

If you find an old indexed Oberon webpage offering a product you can’t find on our site…We're sorry, but if it's not on our website, we don’t make it anymore!