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Leather & Britannia Metal Craftsmanship


Oberon Design Pewter

About Our Britannia Metal

All Oberon Design Britannia metal products are hand cast in our studio shop in Santa Rosa, CA. In our casting process we use only the purest, lead free, food grade Britannia metal. Food grade refers to the metal purity of the metal we use, qualifying it for use in the production of utensils and dishware. Because of its purity, Britannia metal can be cast at very high temperatures that result in a low tarnish, high polish finish.


Leather Craftsmanship


About Our Leather

Brendan Smith, founder, owner and lead designer at Oberon Design, began bench crafting leather in 1967 when he was eighteen years of age. In his home town he cultivated two important relationships: a friendship with the owner of a local saddlery shop who mentored him and a connection with a leather distributor. Oberon Design still works with the same distributor, a treasured and honored working friendship of forty-five years.


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